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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Communicate Like a Leader: How to Get People to Listen -Lite

Learn the most important one-on-one skill that dominates your daily life.

How do you keep people engaged during a dialogue?

What you say matters to the extent your audience is paying attention to you. In an age of unlimited distractions, you need to be a master at keeping the interest of your listener.

This course is about the art and science of building engaging conversations with people. It teaches both the theory and practice on how to draw attention, grab interest and hook your listeners to you while you are speaking. 

This course is for anyone who can benefit from having more inspirational, stimulating, engaging, in-depth, focused and impactful conversations with their colleagues, friends, business prospects, relationships and new acquaintances.

Based on insights from human psychology, organizational behavior, motivation science, reward systems, sociological thinking as well as from the corporate work environment, recruitment and job interviews, this course offers a dense, well-researched and carefully structured curriculum that crams years of experience and observations into an easily consumable knowledge pack. 

What is the target audience?
Business leaders looking to create impact and gain loyal followers
Managers looking to create team cohesion and lead with charisma
Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals aiming high
Job Seekers and Graduates
Sales & Marketing & Human Resources Professionals

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