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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Creating FaceBook Design Using Bootstrap - Handson Project worth 80$ free coupon 100%

Welcome to the course Creating FaceBook Design Using Bootstrap - Handson Project
=> Watch the Promo Video to see what you can learn from this course
=> You receive over 90 minutes of video content & 15+ lectures & So Much More!
This course covers Creating Facebook Website's Design using Bootstrap Framework.
This course is easily understood by any one who has basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & Bootstrap.
This course is complete handson training of creating facebook design using bootstrap from scratch.
I'm going to cover these topics in our course.

Creating Facebook Top Navigation Menu with notifications & messages & friend requests.
Creating Notifications Menu using Bootstrap Framework
Creating Messages Menu Using Bootstrap
Creating Friend Requests & Settings Menu Using Bootstrap
Working on Left Side Links
Creating Facebook Feed Post Update Using Bootstrap Framework
Creating Right Side Section - Facebook Page Statistics
Right Side Bar Section - Trends
Right Side Bar Section - Ads
After completing this course, you will understand that using bootstrap framework you can build any kind of design.
And I'm going to add new lectures based on student inputs.
See you in the course!
Vivek Vengala
What are the requirements?
Basic Knowledge about Bootstrap
What am I going to get from this course?
Learn How FaceBook can be built Using Bootstrap
Learn Bootstrap with Hands On Experience
Who is the target audience?
Any one who wants to learn Bootstrap with handson project
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