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6 killer facebook marketing courses that will make you an EXPERT

IF you want to be an expert in facebook marketing and knowing the secrets and tips  about all in facebook now you can 
you will learn 

1-How can you  make the best facebook ads and make fantastic results
2- How can you manage your facebook page and make your audience engaging with your posts and        get more likes 
3- How can you make designs like a pro for your facebook ads 
4- How can you sell your products in facebook groups
5- How can you thousands and thousands likes for your facebook pages

I will help you to know all of that with these best courses at all 

 1-  Facebook likes

you will learn 

1- How To Get Facebook Likes

2- How can you get thousands of  Likes as quickly as possible

3-How to gain between 80-100 Facebook Likes each and every day

4- -Youtube Marketing - Video Optimization Tips

2-Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients

YOU WILL LEARN  clients with social media in 48 hours or less

1- Step-by-step success case studies of how used Facebook, Niche Forums and YouTube to acquire over 400 paying clients to date

2-How to use private Facebook groups to "present" your service offering without being pushy or annoying

3-The AMOC authority framework - A 4 step system that allows you demonstrate expertise and invite pursuit from your clients

4-How to use simple reddit posts to get qualified clients e-mailing you with questions about your service

5-The 4 components of an STICKY YouTube video and how to sequence them in the most effective order

6-How to create simple videos that attracts your dream clients and gets them to contact you

7-"You don't need 1000's of subscribers!" How to attract clients with YouTube without a massive following

8- value-adding YouTube video frameworks that educate and sell at the same time

9-How to position yourself as the "problem solver" so you never have to handle sales objections again

10- How cheap "marketing-tricks-n-tips" is making you appear like a spammer and what you can do about it

11-Why your competitors will never implement the strategies from this course and how you can benefit as the result


3- Facebook Marketing: Creating a Facebook Business Page 2015

  • Have your own professional-looking Facebook business page up and running
  • Have a long list of FREE (as well as paid) resources to include eye-catching images on your page
  • Know exactly how to download your information so you never have to start from scratch again
  • Learn how to set your page on auto-pilot for those days you're just too busy to be on Facebook
  • Have exact "how-to" worksheets, tips and resources to keep you - and your Facebook business page - on track!
  • Know exactly what you are going to include on your page, when you'll include it, and the reason for including it - no more endless hours spent guessing
  • Understand how to create new tabs inside Facebook so that you can integrate your other social media platforms (but only if you want to)!

4- Facebook live video : use it to grow your bussiness 

you will learn by taking this course:
1. How to set up a Facebook fan page that will promote your brand on Facebook.

2. How to set up and create Facebook Live Video Streams from your mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet.

3. How to create images to use as Live video streams on Facebook so that you do not have to go on camera unless you want too.

4. 4 different Facebook Live strategies:

- How to explode engagement using Facebook Live Video.

- How to grow your email list by hundreds of people every day using Facebook Live Video.

- How to survey you fans using Facebook Live Video.

- How to get more Likes on your Facebook fan page using Facebook Live video.

5. How to set up and use OBS software that will allow you to create Facebook Live Streams from your laptop or computer.

6. How to master Facebook Live video and grow your business.

5- The Complete Facebook Marketing 2017

this is amazing course it's complete  guide to facebook marketing 

 You learn 

  • A complete system to advertise anything successfully on Facebook by using Facebook's Marketing and Ad functions to boost posts effectively, promote your page and gain sales at a low cost
  • Strategies for making a profit with Facebook ads using the formula I am now using to sell my Udemy courses
  • The 80/20 principle explained as it relates to Facebook ads
  • The complete method of how I am getting $0.004 Per Page Like To Grow Your Facebook Page Virally
  • The exact method to get into the 'Three Zero Club' - you will learn how to get video views for $0.0003 per view
  • Insights into how you can get guaranteed wins from your Facebook Ads to enable them to work effectively for you

 6- Facebook Marketing 101 For Ecommerc - Without Facebook Ads!

the best course to learn hoe can you sell productes in facebook without any ads 

  • Learn how to sell your products on Facebook without paying for Facebook Ads
  • Learn how to increase your product sales and Profit organically on Facebook
  • Learn how to use the Tagging feature to maximize your Profits
  • Learn why "time" is crucial to your success
  • Know what types of Pictures you must post in order to increase your sales!
  • Learn how to use Keywords and Descriptions to get more customers without any marketing!
  • Learn the secret Facebook contest formula to boost your sales and increase your customers
  • Learn how to advertise on Facebook Groups - without getting banned.
  • Learn the secrets to interacting with your Fans
  • Learn the secret to building a cult following on Facebook
  • Learn the "Magic" word to getting more people buying your products
  • Learn the TOP SECRET TACTIC I use to sell a lot of products on Facebook without paying for Facebook Ads
  • Learn how to manipulate Facebook's Algorthm to your advantage



  1. Wow, definitely going to check it out. Facebook marketing is going very slow for me

  2. Thanks for sharing, these are great! I will absolutely bookmark these and check them out.

  3. Wow, this post is super helpful. I'm going to have to check out the free Facebook live course. If it's free, there's nothing to lose (except may your time), so may as well give it a try.

  4. Definitely needed this info. I hadn't thought about free Udemy courses.... Thank you!!

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