Sunday, 12 February 2017


Adobe Illustrator For Everyone: Create Detailed Vector Image 76% off udemy coupon code

Join and create your own Steampunk Vehicle! :)
This class consists of two parts:
  • In the first part we learn how to draw a sketch of Vehicle and then create vector outlines with fill.
  • The second part will be dedicated to coloring and adding shadows and light
Together we will create a new and unique vehicle with gears, pipes, steam and leather seats!
Step by step, I will show how to:
  • create a sketch
  • how to transfer it to a vector graphic
  • and then how to add colors, shadows and effects with an eye to your vehicle looked magnificently!
Here are the main topics that will be covered in the class:
  • Drawing a sketch
  • Prepare Adobe Illustrator Workspace
  • From Sketch to Vector Illustration - Outline
  • Work with brushes
  • Contour correction
  • Fill method using the Pathfinder panel
  • Choose colors
  • Where to look for interesting combinations of colors
  • Add shadows
  • Add lights
  • Add finish touches 
What you’ll need for class project:
  • Software or notepad with pencil for sketch drawing 
  • Illustrator CC (Free trial) or other vector graphic software.
  • Tablet or mouse
This class is perfect for practiced illustrators, emerging designers, and everyone looking to improve their Adobe Illustrator skills.
I cannot wait to see what you can create!
Who is the target audience?
  • Practiced illustrators
  • Emerging designers
  • Everyone looking to improve their Adobe Illustrator skills


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