Saturday, 11 February 2017


sell more more books on amazon by learning this course " Amazon Keyword Analysis with Kindle Spy (kdspy)" free udemy course

Would you like to sell more books on Amazon?
Well, to sell books on Amazon, you first must be found on Amazon.
This is a course about how to insure your book can be found on amazon.
This course first explains how to select Amazon search keywords, then the rest is up to Kindle Spy...
Kindle Spy (kdspy) is a product that greatly simplifies the process of evaluating keywords for competition on Amazon. Kindle Spy is a browser based plug in that works within the Chrome or Firefox browsers on a Windows PC or Mac. The product scrapes the screen after you perform an Amazon search to analyze the results and present various reports indicating how difficult it is to rank for a supplied search keyword.
  • Learn to purchase and install Kindle Spy ($47)
  • Learn to use search word completion keywords to make your book findable
  • Learn to use Kindle Spy to display an overview report of keyword competiion
  • Learn to use Kindle Spy to perform detailed keyword analysis
  • Even display a keyword cloud to help you gather even more keywords
This course provides a detailed look at this handy little tool... and best of all, it's free!
I'll see you in the classroom,
Who is the target audience?
  • Self-published authors of books for sale on Amazon
  • Anyone interested in increasing their Amazon book sales


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