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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Laughter Yoga: Experience joy, happiness and health benefits 67% off 30$>>10$


Updated 03/2017, Thank you for more than 1000 students.
Laughing is healthy! It makes us happy, relaxed and reduces stress!
Laughter Yoga can get us there!
How often you laugh normally? Mostly too little, is that truth?
In that way how our daily life is going on its normal. Our world is full of rush. 
Lots of problems can be in the way of coming into the mood for laughing.
The truth is: the less we laugh the harder it becomes.
Laughter Yoga can provide an easy way to become laughing.
In the beginning, it’s a real new world, and it takes a bit to get into it. But after a while you can really have fun!

I did work as a laughter yoga instructor for one and a half year. And I want to really make this course a good experience to you. Therefore I will explain the basics to you. And in the second part we can start directly to do the laughing exercises. We do the exercises together, if you like, and you can directly benefit from laughter yoga!
One thing is to be mentioned before: Laughter Yoga does not provide jokes or a comedic performance.
In this couse:
  • You will learn about the concept of laughing without a reason. 

  • You will learn what laughter yoga can do for you.

  • You will learn how laughter yoga works.

  • You will learn what a laughing exercise is.

  • You will learn how to overcome problems in the beginning.

  • In the second part you will start directly with your first laughing exercises.

  • We will do together laughter yoga, and try it out directly!

  • You can use this course to do laughter yoga regularly!
Experience a short way to happiness and joy.

The faster you enroll the faster you can benefit!  ;-)

See you in the course!

Who is the target audience?
  • Everybody who likes to laugh more!
  • Everybody who likes to get more happiness.
  • Everybody who likes to learn more about the benefits of laughter yoga.
  • Everybody who is curious about laughter yoga.
  • Everybody who likes to try laughter yoga directly.
  • Everybody who likes to do guided laughter yoga exercises regulary to get happy.

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