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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Learn how to create your first affiliate websiteby this course " Affiliate Marketing Mastery with WordPress and Amazon"

Learn how to create your first affiliate website & start selling products through professional shopping pages!
This highly-rated course is a STEP-BY-STEP training showing you EXACTLY how it's done!
You’ll learn:
  • How to create a professional looking website in hours not weeks
  • How to identify profitable niche markets for the best long-term results
  • How to easily add HIGH-SELLING products to your website
  • How to start promoting your website to get sales.
This business model offers almost ENDLESS possibilities for generating income.
By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create WITH EASE very flexible, modern websites that can be used for promoting products and services, affiliate marketing and showcasing.
I will show you how you can build a Home Business with the potential to generate income for you automatically:
  • NO EXPERIENCE required.
  • No RISK involved (no stock or payment processing).
  • Create a fully functional WordPress site FAST (in a matter of hours).
  • ANYONE can do this WHEREVER you are based in the world!
The course also includes KILLER BONUSES:
You’ll get VALUABLE downloadable software & tools worth over $40 which you can use to build any number of WordPress websites!

Discover the Power of Amazon (US) Affiliate Marketing combined with the Ease and Flexibility of a WordPress Website to quickly build a home-based business. 
Find out why students love this course and give it such a HIGH RATING (compared to other home-business courses).
  • "very very good, clear, understandable, simple, ..."
  • "...excellent for anyone wanting to get a website up quickly that looks professional. The instructor's templates make WordPress a breeze!!!"
  • "Excellent course! Many thanks!"
  • "Love his teaching style, and his tutorial was very easy to follow."
  • "...I took this course as a brush up and I'm happy that I did."
About the Course

  • Step-by-step approach shows you how it's done
  • Full version of WordPress to power your website
  • Range of adaptable templates to choose from
  • Specially designed software makes building an online store easy
  • Millions of affiliate products to fill your store with
  • Endless possibilities for generating income
  • LOW RISK minimal investment - no stock!
Course Overview
  • Introduction to the Amazon Affiliate program and how to find your perfect niche-market.
  • Set up a self-hosted WordPress website to build on. No experience necessary but I also have extra WordPress training available on request.
  • Learn to build an affiliate Store with templates and software, using a "test" WordPress site on a sub-domain (a way of setting up WordPress for free).
  • Transform the example affiliate store into something that's unique to you.
Important Notes
The full version of WordPress that we will use needs to be hosted with a hosting service provider.  For the purpose of the course I will show you how to set this up on a free service, but to get the most benefit you will need to purchase a domain name (around $10) and a hosting service (from a few dollars per month). 
I suggest you use the free service to complete the course, then you'll be better equipped to decide on a Domain Name and hosting.
The course concentrates on Amazon US affiliate products and tools.  Other Amazon stores may not use the same tools. You don't have to be based in the US to have an Amazon US affiliate account. 
Who is the target audience?
  • This hand-on course is aimed at beginners who want to earn extra income from affiliate marketing
  • Anyone thinking of building an online business
  • No experience with websites, wordpress or affiliate marketing is necessary
  • Closed Caption available on request

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