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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Become More Confident At Workplace Now With NLP Techniques free coupon code

In this course titled " Become More Confident At Workplace Now With NLP Techniques " by Pradeep Aggarwal teaches you many powerful and simple NLP and self hypnosis techniques for relaxation, stress management at workplace , not letting negativity affect your confidence and morale at workplace , removing work related fears etc.
People who are working in a corporate whether big or small usually deal with a lot of stress and anxiety and fear of getting promoted or losing the job. Their confidence also gets affected by any negative comment by their colleague, subordinate or boss . This course is ideal for those working in a company and looking to overcome all the above mentioned issues
This course has 6 lectures and more than 30 minutes of content
This course includes-
  • -Introduction
  • -Relaxation Technique To Curb Work Related Stress And Tension
  • -NLP Technique To Not Let Negative Comments Affect Your Work
  • -Anchoring Technique To Gain More Confidence At Your Workplace
  • -Protecting Yourself Against De-motivating Comments Using An Imaginary Bubble
  • -Summary Of The Course
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for everyone who are working in a company whether it is a small company or an MNC
  • Anyone facing stressful situations at work or getting affected by the attitude and comments of their bosses, colleagues , subordinates etc should take this course
  • People who have fear of losing their job or any sort of fear at their workplace should take this course
  • Age group 18 and above
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