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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hands on HTML & CSS: Project-based Masterclass 100% free

If you always wanted to learn to code and build websites online then this course is exactly what you need. You will learn how to create your very first website with only HTML & CSS from ground zero. You can then upload your website online and will be able to showcase your work to everyone in the world.
This course is perfect for anyone who have a basic knowledge about HTML and CSS or web developing in general. This course is also a great review and refresher for those who need a little bit of helping just piecing everything together to design a website from start to finish. If you 
In this course we will be building a membership landing page with HTML & CSS. The ideal way to take this course is to follow along step-by-step after completing a lecture. If you're ready, I'm ready, I'll see you inside!
Let's get this done!
Who is the target audience?

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