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Friday, April 21, 2017

Learn Learn how basic computers are designed by this course "The Foundations of Computer Design"

Learn how a computer works with this basic, but detailed course on the foundations of computer design. In this course you will learn how a computer really works and by the end you will be able to understand the design of a programmable central processing unit.
Designing your first computer!
  • Learn binary and hexadecimal numbers
  • Understand logic gates
  • Recognize multiplexers decoders and the ALU
  • Learn how to design memory chips and CPU registers
  • Build a basic central processing unit
A building block to more advanced computer topics
This course starts from the ground up and completes with a fully functioning programmable computer. Advanced computer design topics such as power or speed optimizations are not covered but all the information needed to understand basic computer design is packed into this course. A total beginner will likely need to repeat a few of the lectures but it can be understood by anyone who takes the time to study each of the lectures. Anyone who desires to become a computer expert must know how processors really work and this course is the first step towards that goal.
Who is the target audience?

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