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Sunday, April 9, 2017

WordPress Beginners - Build Flexible Websites without Coding 100% free coupon

  • The course uses the full version of WordPress, which needs to be hosted with a hosting service provider. I'll show you how to do that for FREE
  • To get the most benefit from WordPress, after completing the course you may want to invest in a Domain Name and Hosting services
** Includes over $30 of downloads and resources **
The Ultimate WordPress Beginners Course - Discover a World of Opportunity with WordPress Websites
If you have an idea for a business, want to build a second income, or simply want to promote something online, then learn to build with WordPress.
WordPress is much more than just a website builder - begin to discover the possibilities for yourself today as you learn how to put together great websites that are both flexible and powerful. 
This practical course introduces you to the full version of WordPress, shows you how to set up a live "test" website for nothing, and then gives you a complete website template to work with.
Within an hour or two you could have your first website up and running, ready to build into your unique piece of the web.
Included is a downloadable "template" which includes a WordPress theme and sample data.
You also get access to my valuable WordPress resources to help you as your website grows, including niche research, keyword tools, hosting services and much more.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is perfect for beginners who want to get to grips with WordPress quickly and build a website
  • No special skills are needed, just a willingness to try things out.
  • Anyone who wants to quickly build a website to promote their business or service
  • This course won't teach HTML or Programming skills - we will use templates to save time
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