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Monday, May 15, 2017

Amazon FBA How to Build your Own Brand Become a Top Seller 10$ coupon code

How to Build Your Own Brand on Amazon" is an online course that shows you the right steps to build a brand and grow that brand not only on Amazon.
This course is a guide to start your own private label product, you will learn techniques to find the best products and suppliers to negotiate like a professional, also I will show you real negotiations and how to avoid common mistakes.
One of the difficulties I had in the beginning was the part of managing the product in the Seller Central. Replenish Inventory, Listing the product on Amazon, creating discount coupons or creating ads on Amazon, this is something that at the beginning when you start in this business, maybe you will feel some insecurity, because you are afraid of making mistakes. I'll breakdown every step-by-step to ensure that it will not be a struggle for you.
You will not only acquire information and techniques throughout the lessons, my goal is to offer you the right mindset behind this business. For example choosing your product, why choose a particular product to start your business? What should you keep in mind when choosing your products? Or how to approach suppliers so that you get what you want and not just what you see in your supplier's images?
You will have the real report of my first product and the difficulties I had, especially in transportation.
The Module dedicated to transportation is very valuable and will help you a lot. I speak about the laws, necessary documents and which transport companies are recommended by Amazon and why. You will also learn from my transportation experience and you will avoid the common mistakes of the beginning of this business.
I want you to create a complete brand with excellent images, videos, website, marketing.
All of this you will learn here, but mainly I will teach you what you have to think when you create the images of your product and what feeling will awaken in the customer and how it will affect the decision of the customer to buy one, two or more products.
The name of your brand can not be any name, I'll teach you to create a name that connects to your product and that the customer does not forget.
With the Website you can create a business parallel to Amazon and you will realize how.
Where to find professionals who deal in your logo, images and videos.
How to find the best suppliers?
You will learn to negotiate with your supplier and the right techniques to create a good relationship. How should you approach your supplier so he can take you seriously? What should you ask your supplier first? The quantities or the prices and why?
You will know the tool to calculate your profit margins before you make a decision to move forward with a particular product.
We will talk about payments and how you receive your earnings, let's see which countries Amazon can send your money directly to your bank account and if you do not belong to any of these countries, how can you get your money anywhere in the World.
In this course I show that keywords are a very important part of this business, teach you to find the best ones for creating your product title and with this, your product can be found more easily by the customers.
Teaching to find the most searched keywords by customers related to your product.
The title, descriptions and bullets are also very important and we teach the structure for each category always using the keywords most used by customers to find your product.
This course aims to teach you how to develop a brand using the Amazon FBA system. A system that allows you to do this business anywhere with the potential to be very lucrative.
You will realize that you can also create a business outside of Amazon. With this knowledge, the sky is the limit.
You will have support for any questions you may have and also learn from the questions of other students.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is intended for all people with entrepreneurial spirit who want to create a brand and develop a product through Amazon FBA, people who never had contact with sales up to intermediate sellers that already have products on Amazon but want to evolve their business.
  • The course offers a step-by-step learning the entire process to succeed in building a brand, so it is intended to beginners who will unlock the knowledge of online business and for those who want to evolve the business to the next level on Amazon.
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