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Monday, May 22, 2017

Learn all core JDBC concepts and build a CRUD application. by this course " Java JDBC with Oracle: Build a CRUD Application"

JDBC is used for developing database applications in Java. JDBC is widely used in industry projects for connecting to the database.This course is for anyone who has basic knowledge about core Java concepts and some basic knowledge about SQL statements. This course may not be suitable for students/programmers who are not familiar with Java or SQL.
This course is going to teach you all the core JDBC fundamental concepts and it will also teach you how to write database applications in Java using JDBC programming. All the concepts are explained in a very simple language.This course is highly practical-based with a very few power-point presentations. The focus of this course is more on practicals rather than the theory. The course is going to cover everything right from basic SQL operations like insert, update, delete to complex topics like calling stored procedures, storing and retrieving images and files, transactions etc.
Apart from explaining core JDBC concepts, this course also has a mini-project at the end which is a CRUD application. A CRUD application is basically a database application which performs basic operations like Create/Insert(C),Read(R), Update(U), Delete(D). This CRUD application will give you a concrete understanding of all JDBC fundamentals.
As it’s a short course, it wont be boring at all. You need to invest only around 2 hours of your time. I believe you will enjoy this course and learn a lot. Happy Coding :) 
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn all core JDBC concepts.
  • Anyone who wants to build a Java database application.
  • Get the course

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