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Monday, 22 May 2017

See How I Make 4000+ a month on Amazon Kindle Store! 10$

How to build $4000+ side income on budget from a Kindle Business
A lot of us want to write a book. Yes, that’s true. But not just any book - a book that sells enough for us to quit our daily jobs so that we can write more without having to worry about paying the next bill. And yet, most of us never go beyond the initial point of thinking a name for the book.
But what if I tell you that writing a book and selling it is not only possible but you can also do it effortlessly by following specific, practical steps? Would you be interested in knowing? Then this course is for you.
Publishing on Amazon Kindle
One of the most efficient ways to generate that extra income is to publish a book on Kindle. Amazon Book  publishing offers all the necessary resources to self publish on Kindle. However, most writers fail to use this platform efficiently and diligently, thereby missing its tremendous potential.
I can teach you how to use Kindle to make $4000+ each month through this course
This course focuses on teaching efficient techniques that you can practically use to build a robust side income by writing a book and publishing on Amazon Kindle. This course is not a regular run-of-the-mill course which explains some arbitrary methods of writing a book, designing a cover and publishing on Amazon Kindle. Instead, it is a step-by-step guide that presents a critical analysis of each step involved in the process. I have designed this course based on my personal experience and the success I have achieved by selling my books on Amazon.
What does the course cover?
The course explains in detail the entire life-cycle process of writing and formatting a book and selling it on Kindle. The process walks you through all the relevant steps such as determining the niche, identifying the topics, outsourcing the writing, getting the editing done, and designing the cover, by identifying the right freelancers and developing content that is unique and superior to other books in the same niche. 
However, the course does not end here. I will also teach you techniques that will allow you to approach the entire process from a business perspective. And, this is the unique solution I am offering you. While other courses tell you how to write a book and self-publish on Kindle, I will go several steps further and demonstrate how you can achieve business success by leveraging Amazon Book publishing service. 
These steps include identifying potential buyers, analyzing their preferences, and evaluating the competitors to understand their strategies so that you can gain a competitive edge over them. The course also includes useful information on various web services and accounts that are of tremendous help in creating and producing your book and helping you reach readers all around the global.
In a nutshell, this course will provide you all the crucial informatory nuggets for publishing a bestselling book on Amazon Kindle and earning a steady stream of passive income, so that you would never have to worry about working on boring jobs.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with a passion for building up online business can benefit from this course. Whether you are a professional who is bored with 9-5 job, a student or a housewife, this course is for you. This program is all you need if you dream of becoming a bestselling author, or simply want to have fun doing what you love doing, while also earning enough to pay your bills and live a comfortable life.
  • Get the course 

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