Monday, 26 June 2017


step by step learn how to create affiliate marketing store by this course " How to create affiliate web store" free

You will learn how to setup your own Affiliate E-commerce Store using WordPress.
WordPress platform is best for your online business because: 
  • CMS 65% Global market
  • >25% websites in world
  • 76.5 million and growing blogs sites.
I will show you how to select hosting plan and install&setup affiliate web-store using WordPress.
You will learn how to use Rakuten affiliate network (Find affiliate programs to promote and generate deep links + platform overview)
In this course I will demonstrate how to upload affiliate products to your woocomerce and how to do SEO optimization using Yoast SEO plugin; After that we will add your website to Google Webmaster tools and to Google Search.
You will receive plugins, theme and all tips&tricks from me what I'm using to generate sales online.
As well you will learn how to promote your affiliate website and generate extra web traffic.
Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to make profit online
  • People who already working with WordPress
  • People who interested in affiliate marketing
  • Get the course 


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