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Monday, 26 June 2017

YouTube Guide : How To Find Topics For YouTube Videos 15$ coupon code

YouTube Beginners Guide explaining how to choose SEO friendly YouTube Titles and Topics for YouTube Videos.

This course is all about explaining different ways which helps you to find Topics for your YouTube videos. Most of the new YouTubers face lot of trouble in finding YouTube topics.
Even as a beginner as YouTuber, I too faced lot of problems and after a lot of research and knowing how YouTube works, I came up with these techniques.
I mentioned these techniques after trying them with my YouTube channel and I could see rapid growth in my channel in terms of views and subscribers.
Different ways to find YouTube topics which brings you views and subscribers explained in this lecture are,
Section 1:
"How to Use YouTube Search Bar to Find YouTube Topics?"
In this section, I explained how to use YouTube Search Bar not only for searching YouTube videos, but how to use it to know what people are searching for. So, that you can make YouTube videos on those topics which brings your views and subscribers.
Section 2:
"How to Use Google Search Bar to Find YouTube Topics?"
In this section, I explained how to use Google Search Bar not only for searching websites, but how it shows results of YouTube videos. This section explains how to use that search results and make YouTube videos.
Section 3:
In this section, I explained about two wonderful online tools called "semrush" and "AnswerThePublic". After this section, you will learn how to use these two online tools to select specific keyword and how to use that in your YouTube videos.
Section 4:
In this section, I explained about how to use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords, which helps you to make YouTube videos, to get more views and subscribers.
Section 5:
In this section, I explained you how to get ideas on YouTube topics, by observing other YouTube channels and YouTube videos. I have shown you how to look for video statistics of any YouTube video and how can you make videos on those topics.
Who is the target audience?

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