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Motivation is easier to find and maintain, then you may think. 
In this course, I will walk you through a brief, 7-Step process, that will allow you to instantly find motivation to achieve your true goals.  The 7-Steps only take about 20-30 minutes to finish
This is currently a Best-Selling Motivation course on Udemy!
Whether you are looking to achieve your life, career or short term goals, the process is the same.  
The best laid plans are meaningless without MOTIVATION to act on those plans.
If you watch the video above, check out the reviews, previews and description below, then you will get a more clear picture of how this course will help you.
What most people don't realize about motivation is that it shouldn't be something you have to try and "muster up". 
This course will teach you the secret that professional athletes and world class performers have known about motivation for years.
It will reveal the common pitfalls and misunderstandings about motivation and goal setting and tells you exactly how to avoid those. 
You will also learn a bit about beliefs as well as how to change limiting beliefs that zap your motivation and stop you from achieving your goals.
*10,900+ Students in 152 Countries
*200+ Reviews 
Here's what a few students had to say after finishing:
"Simply the best! Quick, Easy, No Fluff. Period.."
-Jason Sarmiento
"Awesome!!! Very Surprising Course...
Wow! I really liked this course. So tired of courses that are all fluff. This one just gets right to it. I really like the part about beliefs and the overall premise of the course. Is it possible to give a 6 star review? Plus, Ken is a very responsive and engaging teacher. Can't wait to see what he puts out next."
-Roszel Fletcher
"This is not your ordinary course.
Ken has really developed a unique, straightforward guide to quickly motivate yourself so you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. This is one of those courses that can truly change your life and how you do things."
-Christine Evans
"Clear and to the Point.
If you've read any of the many self-improvement, self-development books out there, you'll be only too aware that they often contain a lot of filler.
This course contains zero filler. In a short, simple series of exercises, Ken presents a powerful technique for clarifying what you're trying to achieve. Very worthwhile."
-Sam Pollard
"One word to describe this course " AWESOME". Congratulations Ken! If your intention was to help people, let me tell you that you " did it ". I liked this course because it goes straight and to the point. This is not a simple course, it´s a daily guide that will get your dreams come to true."
-Manuel Heredia
"What an EYE-OPENER! You're going to love this course in it's power and simplicity.
There are too many courses and books out there about how to achieve your goals, and they can make it so complicated and time consuming. Ken makes it simple to get right to the heart of things and find your clarity NOW. I used each step and already know how to move forward and what was stopping me! I'm adding this course to my personal development toolbox and will use it often. I'll just go through it each time I want to add a new goal or objective. Take this course today!"
-Lan Anders
"A special kit you need to accomplish your goal. It is true! You can find your motivation in less than 20 min. It is an exclusive method developed by Ken, it is not an ordinary motivation course you can find in marketplace. Ken is here to help, a highly responsive and friendly instructor!"
-Shane Lim
"Practical and Insightful
This is one of the best courses on Udemy on goal-setting! If you simply devote some time to the course you'll have a chance to go through all the steps in the interesting process of self-discovery. The course is very well structured and presented. I highly recommend it!"
-Gulnara Emirali
What will I be able to DO after I enroll in this course?
  • DECIDE, Prioritize & Correctly Formulate Goals
  • DISCOVER the Core Motivations Behind Your Goals so You Can Become Motivated Easily to Achieve Your Goals
  • CREATE Powerful & Useful Mental States to Help You Effectively Reach Your Goals
  • Easily BUILD MOMENTUM to Reach Longer Term Goals
  • OVERCOME Obstacles That Stand in the Way of Turning Your Dreams into Reality
  • Quickly BUILD UP MOTIVATION Again After the Enthusiasm Wears Off
  • UNCOVER the Skills, Habits & Behaviors You Will Need to Reach Your Goals
  • AVOID Common Goal-Setting & Motivation Mistakes
  • CREATE S.M.A.R.T. Goals Correctly & Quickly
What else will I learn?
  • Why People Struggle with Motivation & How to Avoid Those Same Mistakes
  • Realize the Difference Between the Surface & Deep Structure of Your Goals and Why That's Important for Goal Achievement
  • How to Avoid Self-Sabotage & Procrastination
  • Discover the Secret to Taking Massive Actions Toward Your Goals
  • Learn the Meaning of a Clear Definite Purpose & How to Benefit from It
  • Discover the Purpose of All Goal Achievement
  • Understand the Difference Between Beta & Alpha Brainwave States and How They Affect Your Motivation
  • Discover the Gateway to the Subconscious Mind
  • Use 3 Safe & Effective Ways to Change Your Inner State at Will for Instant Motivation
  • Identify and Formulate Your Goals Quickly & Correctly to Avoid Analysis Paralysis
  • Discover the 'Why' Behind Your Goals to Build Powerful & Last Motivation
  • Why Associating Peace of Mind to Money Is a Bad Idea
  • How to Avoid Reaching Goals but Remaining Unfulfilled
  • How to Use ‘Resourceful States’ for Motivation and Goal Achievement
  • Learn How The "Goal Domino Effect" Can Potentially Change Your Entire Life
  • Discover What Your Goals Say About Who You Really Are
  • Discover the Biggest Barrier to Visualizing and Correctly Using the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Why You Should Take This Course:
  1. Increased Short-Term & Long-Term Motivation
  2. Greater Clarity on Your Direction in Life
  3. More Mental Discipline
  4. Enhanced Creativity
  5. Design Your Own Lifestyle
  6. Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  7. Avoid Common Motivation Mistakes
  8. Better Organizational Skills
  9. Learn to Think and Behave Like a Champion
  10. Ensure That You Live a Fulfilling Life
  11. Avoid Procrastination
  12. Avoid Self-Sabotage
  13. Set & Achieve Goals Properly
  14. Greater Self-Confidence
  15. Overcome Your Fears
  16. Avoid Depression & Anxiety
  17. Greater Control Over Your Emotions & Thoughts
  18. Become More Productive
  19. Establish Success Habits
  20. Ability to Use Your Mind Effectively for Goal Achievement
What Should I Do Now?
Give the course a chance to help you find motivation, achieve your goals and live the lifestyle you want by enrolling today. You can truly change your life. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside if you choose to enroll.
Even if you've tried things that haven't worked in the past, it doesn't mean that you won't change your life this time.
I invite you to notice that every moment that you're not aligned with your core desires is time wasted pursuing someone else's dream.
So you can, breath, relax, enroll in the course now and begin to live the life you deserve!
Who is the target audience?
  • This Course Is Meant for Beginners and Anyone Who Is Lacking Motivation to Achieve Their Goals
  • Someone Who Wants a Fresh Approach to Goal Setting and Finding Motivation
  • Someone Who Knows What They Want but Lack Motivation to Make It Happen
  • Someone Who Feels Stuck in Life and Wants to Get Unstuck
  • This Course Is Not for Someone Who Thinks They Know Everything About Motivation
  • This Course Is Not for Self-Help Junkies Who Aren't Willing to Take Action
  • This Course Is Not for Close-Minded Individuals Who Are Not Willing to Try New Things
  • This Course Is for Anyone Looking to Establish a New Goal or Re-Visit an Old Dream
  • Get the course


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