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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Facebook Ads for Online Product Sales udemy course 100% off

  • Have a Facebook business page set up
  • Have a basic or advanced e-commerce store or website where you are selling one or more items
  • A strong desire to make money online (you need patience and dedication to do this effectively)
What is the one thing that will make or break your e-commerce success?  TRAFFIC. Traffic is the difference between a successful or non-successful e-commerce business. Without traffic, there is no one to buy your products, services, webinars, or affiliate offers -  however, not just any traffic will do. Imagine having a steady stream of incoming traffic built only of people the most interested in what you have to offer. A tribe of loyal, highly interested and dedicated buyers who have a high likelihood of returning time and time again. They are prime for upsells, cross-sells, joining email lists and more. They love you and what you have to offer. Through correct targeting on Facebook, you are paving your way to building this exact type of tribe.  Welcome to the power of Facebook advertising.
I’ve been in marketing for over 17 years and have never seen such a powerful way to reach target audiences than through Facebook advertising. When I started my own e-commerce business, I knew that this was my ticket to reaching the right people quickly.
This course is entry level, designed specifically for those looking to sell products online. Through the course, I will walk you through a live example of setting up an ad campaign, from start to finish, including analyzing results and tweaking for better outcomes. Walk with me as I do research, create copy, design a picture and video, program everything into Facebook and then monitor and tweak my campaign to up my results. This is an excellent entry-level course for those new to Facebook advertising or who want to learn tips and tricks in order to improve current Facebook ad results. This is not an advanced level Facebook advertising course for those with huge advertising budgets. This is meant for those starting off, with small budgets, who want to maximize the results they can achieve for as little as $5 per day.  My goal is to help you make as much money as you possibly can online through the power of Facebook advertising.
Top reasons you should use Facebook ads for Your Ecommerce Business:
1.No matter where in the world you live, your audience is on Facebook and billions of those people click on ads. 
2. You can get results with a very limited budget
3. You can have Facebook work for you to find and deliver your message to your very specific target audience
Top reasons to take this course:
  • If you are new to Facebook ads, this is an extremely step-by-step course with lots of details and examples. It is a very thorough program for those at a beginner level.
  • The course is current through to June 2017
  • The examples are all with $5 or $10 per day ad costs
  • I will respond personally to every single inquiry
  • BONUS: I include an interview with a copywriting expert
The course has one main goal: to help you find the right customers as quickly and as cheaply as possible.   If you are looking to build your business online, I designed this course to help you. 
Who is the target audience?

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