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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Freelancer Growth Hacking - Develop Products to Sell 100% off

Most common freelancer business model is to provide services by the hour or per project. Nothing wrong with this business model, but it does impact hugely on your growth potential as everything is tied to you and your time. 
Starting an agency is not an easy task either and managing other freelancers may not be your cup of tea. How can you as a freelancer keep you business going when everything is tied to you and the hours of the day? And what happens if...
-> you are ill?
-> you want to take holidays?
How do you make meet ends then? Mostly likely you make nothing during this time! 
A huge problem that all freelancers face, including me until...  
I changed my business model to include products and it changed everything!
Although I kind of hate the term "make money when you sleep", it is true for me. Because of my products I often wake to a payment notifications - and I can tell you, nothing beats that feeling!
This is where product creation comes into play. 
- You already have necessary expertise
- You have necessary tools 
- You have client base ready
This course is designed to open your eyes to re-designing your freelance business model and to give you ideas how you can turn your service business to include products that make you money while you sleep.
This is what I did with my business and it totally changed my business and life. Plus I found a new passion - course creation!
All you need is a will to try it out, rest is just production (and that is simple)!
Who is the target audience?
  • Freelancers offering services to their clients
  • Those wanting to start online business
  • Get the course 

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