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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ultimate Youtube Marketing Course - Create ,SEO & Adds20$>>0$ free course

Warning - If you are looking long boring lectures and only theories this course is not for you bcoz in this course its all about doing things and i have kept everything short and sweet what i say is what i show .

This course is for some one who wish to get into Youtube as a part time or full time business becasue it covers all major things and topics
related to youtube for extreme beginers to Advance level executions ,
1. Getting Started with Youtube 
This module is for some one who is new to youtube and teaches how to create and setup the channel right way it covers all topics like 
Signing up with youtube ,Adding channell art , adding description ,adding social links and profile and other basic setups .
2.Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
If you are a new to youtube or an expert keyword research is something not everyone knows about it in this module i have covered very advance 
level of keyword research using more than 5 + Tools covered in each video after which you can make right decision on topics of your videos and 
can do SEO for your videos with right keywords
3.SEO Optimizing Videos 
After learning the keyword research we will see how to Seo optimize the videos which is very important factor for ranking your videos 
top on youtube this covers all topics like Titles, Description , Tags and using right stratagy for them using proper keywords 
4. Creater Studio Walkthrough 
This is for some one to understand youtube inbuilt tools in very depth it contains videos related to Analytics and Optimizing channel settings 
live streams using youtube video editor and much more.
5. Youtube Paid adds
Last but not the least this module covers how to setup google addwords account and then setup your youtube campaign right from scratch and run adds out of it 
keyword based paid adds are the best option to gain quick traction on your videos .
Overall this covers everything you needed to get started and work on execution on youtube so sign up and get the instant access Now.
Who is the target audience?
  • Any one Intrested to get started with youtube as a Journey as this course covers from scratch to Advance Modules for extreme beginners .

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