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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Facebook Page Likes: Get a large amount on a small budget free course

Get the big udemy sale

  • You should be familiar with Facebook ads
Social proof is absolutely critical when trying to get people to buy from your online store. If people don't trust you right away, they will not buy from you. Social proof is deeply rooted in human psychology. When we don't know how to react, we will look around us to see how other people are reacting and do the same. 
If a prospective buyer lands on your website, they will not know whether to trust you. One thing they will do is look at your social media profiles to see if others trust you and are buying from you. Having a low Page Like count will almost guarantee that they do not gain trust in you and therefore abandon your website.
In this course, I will show you how to get your Facebook page to 100,000 likes on a small budget in order to build that trust and social credibility, and get more sales!
Who is the target audience?

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