Saturday, 9 September 2017


Biology101: Nervous, Endocrine and Skeletal System FREE COURSE

Biology is a multidisciplinary field of study  that explores living organisms from a cellular to ecological level. It is almost impossible to imagine how an organism will survive without a proper system to detect changes in its surrounding. After responding to changes in the environment, it is essential that the organism moves towards or away from such changes or stimulus. 
This is an introductory course that seeks to help develop an understanding in students, of how the nervous system allows us to detect changes in our environment. We will examine the very fundamental structure that the nervous system is made up of : neurons. We will also spend some time to understand how the sense organ, our eye functions. We will look at eye defects and ways in which we can correct these defects. 
The second part of this course will look at the endocrine system. It is a system that is closely related to the nervous system in its function. We will explore the major differences between these two systems and how they both work in order to allow us to survive in our environment. 
In the final part of this course, we will discuss the importance of movement in living organisms.  We will examine the human skeletal system and learn how the skeletal system works along with the muscular system in order to bring about movement.
This is a course that is most suited for high schools students. However, anyone with interest in these topics can enroll and have a better understanding of how our body systems work. There will be questions in the form of quiz at the end of each section and sample questions with answers in this course. This should enable you self evaluate your learning throughout the course. 


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