Thursday, 7 September 2017


Project Management For Freelance Web Developers 100% off

Every successful project out there was and has been planned from inception to finishing. The Goal of project planing is to meet certain criteria of the project from the sponsors, owners, stakeholders, etc. When you are given a project to do, the project sponsor expects you to fully understand the objectives of the project. Secondly, the sponsor (the owner of the project) expects a breakdown of the project, the time it'll take to complete the project, How much it'll cost, what are the tools needed etc. All these elements are highlighted to predict the prospect of a successful project and to also meet the project goal and objective. Knowing at least the basics of using project management approach to plan and track project progress will boost your confidence and professionalism as a Freelance Developer. This is a Must Learn Course for every developer out there. IT'S FREE.  


lenacharles said...

Diploma in project management from AIMS can give you a great opportunity to succeed. After completing courses, You will gain the knowledge and skills to effectively lead a project through from start to finish.

Janice C. Seay said...

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