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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Build a Javascript deeply nested object cloning utility free course

  • You should have a beginner to intermediate level of Javascript knowledge.
  • Basic understanding of Javascript data types, objects, and arrays.
In this course you will build a library that will help you clone deeply nested Javascript objects and arrays. In the process, you will learn about several Javascript concepts that you will find useful when working with objects and arrays.
Copying of Javascript objects is done by reference. That means, your copied object shares the same memory address as your original object.
So, if you decide to change the value of a property on the copied object, you will end up modifying the value of the same property on the original object. 
This can be dangerous in many cases, where you unintentionally change the state of an object from somewhere else, which may result in causing unexpected behaviors in your application.
In the process of building this library you will learn about:
  •  Javascript objects and properties,
  •  why copying objects by reference can be dangerous,
  •  what is meant by cloning an object,
  •  creating helper functions that will do type checking on data,
  •  creating a function that will implement cloning for three different cases (data types) where the data is not an object or is null, where the data is an array holding elements of different data types and where the data is an object (and deeply nested object)
Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner to Intermediate level Javascript developers
  • Anyone who has interest in programming
  • Get the course

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