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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Free udemy course - Sourcing From China + With A Crowdfunding Case Study

In this course, I will share my experience on finding a supplier from China for a custom weekly planner I made and published on Kickstarter.
Please note, this is not a course on how to create a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign but on how to find a supplier for your product.
I created a Kickstarter campaign of a custom calendar. My main problem was location. It is very expensive to ship goods from Central Europe to the rest of the world. Then, the process of making ~500 planners and shipping them to individual addresses is also something I decided to outsource. Some Chinese suppliers offer dropshipping on a wholesale level. This is something I just could not find as a service from other manufacturers in Central Europe at a competitive price. I also decided to not use fulfillment centers in given continents to keep my operations as simple as possible, only having a manufacturer making custom products and ship them to a list of addresses.
I used Alibaba to search for suppliers and reached out to them with specific questions that resulted in finding a quality supplier within 24 hours.
Even though my campaign was not successful, I learned a lot during the preparation of the Kickstarter campaign that I would like to share with others interested in the topic.
If you are considering venturing into the crowdfunding world, you can get to know how to find a supplier for your product from China and what to specifically ask from them.
I designed this course for anyone seeking information on the topic of dropshipping.
I have a section in which I share a DEMO on how to search for the right suppliers on Alibaba and how to get their e-mail addresses. 
I will show you the method how I found my supplier and also show you how to search for trendy products such as running shoes, quality water bottles or a stylish backpack that you could customize with your own graphics (logo, text, etc.). You could market such products to your audience on Instagram for example. You could also make custom products with your company's logo. For example, you could order custom water bottles as a company gift for employees. Everyone drinks water, either at work or at home, so a stylish water bottle with your logo could be a great gift.
When you have several supplier e-mail addresses, you could then send direct messages in an organized fashion, instead of using Alibaba's built-in messaging function that can be hard to use at times due to unwanted suppliers reaching out to you based on your browsing history.
There are no requirements necessary to enroll, I only ask you come open minded and ready to learn.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is looking to source for a supplier for their crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter, Indiegogo)
  • Anyone who is looking to source wholesale suppliers from China for e-commerce purposes
  • Anyone who is interested in the concept of outsourcing production and shipping
  • Get the course 

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