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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Microsoft Project 2010 for New and Aspiring Project Managers.. udemy 100% free course

Free udemy course.........***This Microsoft Project course includes practice a PDF Course Pack, Data files, Homework assignments with solutions, Lifetime course access and a 100% money-back guarantee form Udemy***
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Microsoft Project 2010 for New and Aspiring Project Managers

This Microsoft Project course is perfect for you if you:
  • Have just been promoted into management role
  • Want to learn MS Project to become a better project manager
  • Want to upgrade your skills with Microsoft Project and prepare for the next level
Microsoft Project 2010 for New and Aspiring Project Managers is the most comprehensive yet easy to follow MS Project course on Udemy.
It comes with full set of course book, data files for exercises, case studies and solutions. This is the Microsoft Project Bible that includes everything you need to know to become an expert. 
You will learn everything you need to learn in Microsoft Project, from basics to advanced features like Budgeting and Costing.
But the most unique feature of this course is the use of a case study to teach project management techniques and how to use MS Project features.   
This Microsoft Project course has been used by thousands of people. It is licensed to multiple higher education institutions.   
You will learn the following Microsoft Project features in depth:
  • How to use the Microsoft Project 2010 interface
  • How to create a new project in MS Project
  • How to add resources to a project plan
  • How to manage task infomration
  • Gantt Chart and Work Breakdown Structure
  • Task dependencies and Constraints
  • How to import data from MS Excel
  • How to assign resources and tasks
  • How to level resources
  • The Critical Path in Project
  • How to use Task Scheduling Control to Update Project Progress Information
  • How to use Resource Work to Update Project Progress Information
  • How to use Views and Filters to review project information in MS Project
  • How to assign cost to resources
  • How to review cost information in Microsoft Project
  • How to set and track Project Budget
This Microsoft Project course uses a case study to teach the concepts. Using the case study helps you learn better using a hands-on approach. With this Microsoft Project course, you will feel like you're a project manager already! 
Each Chapter or Section includes: 
  • A set of videos that teach MS Project features
  • A comprehensive PDF document that serves as course book. You can download it and read offline at your own pace and use as a reference material.
  • A data file (MS Project 2010 file .MPP) for completing guided exercises
  • Practice exercises to help you better understand each concept in Microsoft Project
  • A self-Assessment assignment to help you test yourself and improve the learning outcome. You also get the solution for the assignments for reference.
Enroll now and start mastering Microsoft Project. Go from an MS Project Novice to Expert in just a few hours!
You should join this course if:
  • You are new to Project Management and want to become an effective project manager with MS Project skills
  • You are a already a project leader but want to upgrade your skills and learn Microsoft Project
  • You need to learn specific features / functions such as Budgeting and Costing MS Project   
Videos are recorded in Indian voice so people from India and other Asian countries can also follow it easily.

Other Important Information: 
Please download all supplementary material - Data files, Exercises and Self Assessments and instructions for using them from Section 8. The Course PDF is added as supplementary material to the first lecture in every section. Please download it when you start the section. 
Who this course is for:
  • New Project Managers
  • Aspiring Project Managers
  • Project or Team Leads Preparing for Next Level
  • Get the course

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