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Monday, 4 March 2019

Job Interview Questions & Answers..90% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon..........Learn to successfully answer the most common interview questions so you can get offers for the jobs you want.
Personal Development
Job Interview Questions & Answers

From "Can you tell me about yourself?" to "What's your greatest strength?" to "What questions do you have for me?", this class explains how to answer questions most recruiters ask in job interviews.
This class covers everything you'll need to develop your winning answers including the following:
  • What criteria do employers use to decide who gets job offers?
  • What should you be prepared to talk about during interviews?
  • What frameworks should you use to answer interview questions?
  • What should you ask employers during the interview?
  • What are common mistakes that candidates make that ruin their chances of getting offers?
In this class, you'll see 15 of the most common interview questions, explanations for why recruiters ask each question, and examples of amazing answers for each one.

You’ll get insider tips from a corporate recruiter who has interviewed hundreds of candidates.  He’ll tell you how to dazzle recruiters you so you can get offers for the jobs you want.
What a rush it will be when you nail your next job interview. If you follow the advice in this course, you should experience that feeling every time you walk out of an interview.

  • PEN Framework for Opening Questions
  • STAR Framework for Fit Questions
  • 3 W's Framework for Closing Questions

  • Anyone who is currently in the job market
  • Anyone who may be looking for a job soon
  • Anyone who coaches or counsels job seekers

  • Beginner to Intermediate level
  • For people who have limited job interviewing experience
Who this course is for:
  • anyone who has little or no experience with job interviews
  • anyone who wants to improve their chances of getting offers for jobs they want
  • Get the course

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