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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Learn Parallel Programming with C# and .NET..60% off udemy coupon code

Udemy coupon........................This course is about .NET Parallel Programming with C# and covers the core multithreading facilities in the .NET Framework, namely the Task Parallel Library (TPL) and Parallel LINQ (PLINQ).
Learn Parallel Programming with C# and .NET

This course will teach you about:
  • Task Programming: how to create and run tasks, cancel them, wait on them and handle exceptions that occur in tasks.
  • Data Sharing and Synchronization, ensuring your access to shared data also happens in a safe and consistent manner.
  • Concurrent Collections, such as ConcurrentBag, which operate correctly even when accessed from multiple threads.
  • Task Coordination concepts, including the idea of continuations, as well as uses of synchronization primitives to coordinate tasks.
  • Parallel Loops which let you easily iterate over a counter or collection while partitioning the data and processing it on separate threads.
  • Parallel LINQ, the parallel version of .NET's awesome Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) technology.
  • Async/Await and .NET's support for asynchronous programming.
This course is suitable for:
  • Beginner and experienced .NET/C# developers
  • Anyone interested in multi-threading, parallelism and asynchronous programming
The course consists of the following materials:
  • Video lectures showing hands-on programming
  • C# files that you can download and run
Before taking the course, you should be comfortable with the C# programming language and familiar with multi-threading.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner and experienced .NET developers
  • Computer Science students
  • Anyone interested in modern approaches to multithreading/parallelism
  • Get the course

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