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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pokémon GO: How to Cash In on Pokémon GO 100% free code coupon

  • Be techie-savvy using Iphone or Android devices
  • Make sure to check your device meets the necessary specifications and requirements (Refer: Lecture 3 Pokemon GO Requirements)
Welcome to Pokémon GO: How to Cash In on Pokémon GO course!

Want to join the new game craze, Pokemon GO?
Want to learn exactly how a restaurant spikes its sales to 75%?
and increase online and offline foot traffic?
Then this course is for you!
⇉ Join Over 100,000,000+ Pokémon GO players Who Have Embraced the Pokémon GO Lifestyle
⇉ Multiple Businesses Are Getting Real Results!
As a social media manager and entrepreneur, it was astonishing how Pokémon GO has captured the world by virtual storm.
This big paradigm shift has created a sensation like never before. Millions of people are running around and gathering to catch the Pokémon along with other. And while people are out catching Pokémon, smart and savvy business owners are now turning these players to paying customers.
With the right techniques, you have the opportunity as well to attract new customers by embracing the lifestyle of a Pokémon player. I’m pretty sure you are now scratching your head over this Pokémon GO craze and probably asking:
•          How to play the new game craze, Pokémon GO?
•          Are there any Tricks, Tactics and Cheats in Pokémon GO?
•          How can I integrate Augmented Reality with my business?
•          How can I Incorporate Pokémon GO with my Social Media Marketing?
•          How to make an In-game Mobile Marketing campaign?
•          How can Pokémon GO combine real-life interaction with online marketing?
•          What Marketing Gimmicks can we generate from this?
•          How can Pokémon GO Increase my foot traffic and sales?
•          Which approach can I turn Pokémon GO players into paying customers?
•          Are there companies monetizing in Pokémon GO?
In this course, I’ll showcase everything about the new game craze, the Pokémon GO, its overview and the impact it has made to players as well as to businesses. We will tackle how the game works, the mechanics and different tactics. These things are kind of like a prerequisite before you can successfully go through the Pokémon GO Marketing.
We will discuss the Pokémon GO Social media marketing. This is highly advisable and seems like inevitable for most businesses since Pokémon GO is combining social media with local marketing making it possible for people to interact in the real world and social media world simultaneously in new ways.
Furthermore, you will be able to acquire the Full-force marketing and Business development to boost your sales using Pokémon GO.
Your customers are out there right now, Gotta catch ‘em all!
Who is the target audience?
  • Pokémon GO beginners and enthusiasts
  • Business owners who’d like to integrate Augmented Reality with their businesses
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, museums, retail stores, supermarket, zoos and all establishments wanting to boost foot traffic and sales

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