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Sunday, May 7, 2017

5 Minute Workouts For Fitness Enthusiasts and/or Athletes! free coupon code

5 Minute Workout System is a course designed after over 20 years of fitness and athletic experience. The focus is on hard core workouts for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts who want to take their fitness to a new level. The course is for the person who is already training but wants to add in finishers or new routines. The course includes workouts done by a trainer and done by a client with instruction. There are workouts with body weight, bands, kettlebell, ropes, weights, and more. The entire system is based around the philosophy that exercise efficiency and and exercise progress is the key to long term results.
Here is what is included
1. Exercises and workouts that helped one client increase conditioning by about 25% in two short months training twice a week.
2. Workouts that can be done at home, at the gym, or even at the office.
3. The philosophy and background of the instructor and why he uses these exact workouts.
4. The mentality needed to do well and how use the workouts.
5. Demonstration of exercises and how to do them and much more.
6. Finishers at the gym to take strength to a new level.
7. Great for athletes, personal trainers, or other fitness enthusiasts.
Take your fitness to the next level and do it with 5 Minute Workouts!
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with at least two years experience in circuit training, weight training, olympic training should take this course.
  • Students that want to take their training to the next level should take this course
  • Student that want to workout from home or the gym in a fast way should take this course
  • Athletes including recreational athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and personal trainers should take this course
  • Students that do not want more strength, muscle, speed, conditioning, or power should not take this course.
  • Anyone that does aerobic exercise only should not take this course... examples are long distance runners and triathletes
  • Anyone that has not been working out consistently for two years or more with circuits, weights, or some other form of resistance should not take this course
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