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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Developing Bulk Image Compressor in VB.NET 100% free coupon code

In this course you will learn how to create a full bulk image compressor in .NET , you will learn everything you need to create the application starting with designing the interface , then implementing the code , also you will learn how to log exceptions of your application and how to protect your source code from reverse engineering and signing assemblies to prevent any body from producing altered version of your application , then we will go into creating the installer for the application using inno setup.
In other words , you will pass by all the steps to create the application from development to deployment.
In the coding part you will learn how to work with files and directories,with background workers and how to update the user interface from multiple threads , also we will have an overview about stacks and how to use in .NET.
Course topics Overview:
Designing the interface :
  • Creating main menu.
  • Working with listview.
  • Working with status strip.
  • Anchor and responsive GUI.
Implementing the code :
  • Working with Files,Directories, and subdirectories.
  • Using Stacks to enumerate subfolders.
  • Working with images and imagecodecinfo class to compress images.
  • Implement the main operation using a backgroundworker and update the UI safely from the worker.
  • Log exceptions to file.
Deployment :
  • Code protection by obfuscation.
  • Signing assemblies with private key.
  • Creating the installer for the application using inno setup.
  • Deploy and test.

if you are a new programmer or you have intermediate or maybe an advanced skill , for sure you will have something to learn in this course to boost your skills.

The application is coded in VB , but in the resources you will have both C# and VB  source codes


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