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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Build an Awesome Logo Portfolio in 1 Hour 100% free

Build an Awesome Logo Portfolio in 1 Hour

  • A positive attitude & willingness to learn
  • A FREE copy of Adobe Illutstrator trial or other vector graphics software
  • Ideally, a range of your own existing logo design work - but not essential

* 'This course, as well as all of his courses, are chock full of information and useful downloads. If you need this skill, you need this instructor. Period.'
* 'Daniel is a fantastic instructor! I enjoyed this WordPress Portfolio course. Excited to go through the steps for my own site! Thank you! :)'
Do you want to build an online logo portfolio website?
As a professional, published logo designer, I've used logo portfolio websites as a basis to showcase mywork and I've sold my services by the dozen to prospects looking to have a logo design developed.
In the course, you're going to learn how to develop a professional responsive Wordpress based logo design portfolio website which displays beautifully on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and you are going to discover the tricks on how to attract sales.
I'm going to show you exactly how to install a Wordpress portfolio theme, how to install as gorgeous theme and plugins to allow you to host a stunning website of your own to showcase your very own logo design work!
If you want to finally start a proper logo design business TODAY, make the move I'll see you on the inside!
Daniel Evans
Who is the target audience?
  • Logo Designers who wish to build a professional, online portolfio
  • Students who want to know how to install Wordpress
  • Students who want to discover how to utilise Wordpress
  • Get the course 

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