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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Learn how to become a skillshare teacher by this course :- Skillshare: Teaching, Marketing & Promotions Complete Course 10$ coupon code

Learn how to become an online teacher fast with this course. See how much I make and market. Keep in mind I only do 1 hour a month marketing! To get those results imagine how much more you can make if you spend more time! 
In this course you will learn...
* How to create facebook ad campaign
* Sign up and become Skillshare teacher
* 10 Best facebook groups to promote

* How to create a quality class fast
* Increase your minutes watched 
* Learn what classes to teach

This course will show you how to create lectures, start to teach, upload and save material and everything you need to know to be successful teacher on Skilshare. This course is quick fast and will also teach you how to create a page and run a paid ad campaign on facebook. 
In this course you will also be learning how to get more money earned on skillshare by getting the students to watch more of your videos. We will examine what worked for me, how I get paid by only doing simple marketing tips and hack that you can easily do as well. If I can very nice passive income doing nearly no work! Imagine how much more you can make if you do this fulltime!
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