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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Logo Design From Concept to Finish >>> free course

We will travel through the logo design process and explore:
  • The Grid System
  • Font Types
  • Ideation and Concept Creation
  • Refining Our Designs
  • Developing the Right Color Palette
  • Presenting Our Logos to the Client
This class is designed to review the execution part of logo design. This class assumes you know your target market and have already done your marketing research. You have a company name or a client brief in hand and you are ready to put pen to paper! I would suggest becoming comfortable with Adobe Illustrator before taking this class. You do not have to be an expert, but feel comfortable with the basics. I also offer a free Illustrator crash course if you need to brush up on your basic skills. 
A bonus section on fonts and typography is also included with this class. This class is a supplemental class that will help assist you in your logo design process as fonts play a vital role in the development of a strong logo. 
You do not have to have Adobe Photoshop or illustrator to get something out of this section, but I would suggest at least a trial version so you can go along with me. We will go over:
  • Font Types
  • Serif and San-Serif Fonts
  • Font Weights
  • Font Hierarchy
  • Kerning or Font Spacing
  • We will even create an Ad that uses all of these elements we learned in the class. 
I will also show you where I find most of my fonts for client work


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