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Friday, September 1, 2017

The Complete Lightstream to Youtube Live Course "new course " free

This is an insiders guide to using LightStream to broadcast to Youtube live with 4 people on screen in HD quality.
You will be taken step by step from going live solo to creating awesome live broadcasting experiences which you , your guests and your viewers will enjoy.
After 400 live shows I discovered Lightstream and the high quality of video broadcasting live to Youtube. We can now use Youtube to create brilliant videos which we can repurpose across our blogs , Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Google + .
Now is the time to become involved in live video , we are pioneers and through LightStream we can create high quality recordings on Youtube,
LightStream is free to broadcasters 
You will discover how to operate LightStream 
* Onscreen Text
*  Image Sharing
*  Application Sharing
* Desktop Sharing
* Play pre-recorded video in your live broadcast
* Invite up to 3 guests to join you on screen
You will learn how to create a live show people want to watch
* Organise your show
* Find Guests
* Promote you show

You will learn exactly how to create live broadcast experience , create powerful interviews , create high quality recorded video to re purpose and insider tips to applications which will help you grow your audience.

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