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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Create a chat forum like Instagram without coding 100% off


Hi ! Did you know that you can build a social website without coding?In this course,  you will learn how to build a chat forum where, people can create posts with text, video, and images.Moreover, members can comment a video or image or text for a post.Apart from this you can like ,follow, share, report a post and do lot more things.You may feel it tough by reading its features but once you complete this course you will get to know how easily you can do all those things.
  This course is designed to be as short as possible and apart from building a forum this course also explains how to design your website
This course has been build for everyone who wants and feels the necessity of a social network for a there organization, university or any other thing.Irrespective of your necessity your forum can just scale to a huge traffic if your forum welcomes everyone.
Who is the target audience?

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