How to Attract Students to Your Udemy Course - Unofficial 200$ >>>0 $

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Over 1480 students have already enrolled!
Updated On: Feb 9, 2015
I have published 15 courses on Udemy to which more than 23,000 students have enrolled.
This is a course which includes baby step by baby step videos in which you will learn exactly how I have been able to enroll so many students.
I will teach you every single secret that I know to maximize the potential of your Udemy course, so you will be able to constantly attract new students
Every method that I teach in the course is super easy to implement, and if you implement my methods you will be able to enroll thousands of students to your Udemy courses.
I will keep updating this course all the time, and once you join the course you will get lifetime updates for 100% free.
There is simply zero risk with Udemy 30 day guarantee.
This course is perfect for people who have created online courses, and want to know exactly how to get more students to enroll to their courses.
Please notice:
I am not going to cover basic things like creating videos uploading them to Udemy, etc...
Now, because I am fully aware that one of the biggest problems that beginners encounter when they try to make money online is "Information Overload" I have kept each video extremely short, so you will not be overwhelmed with information.
Who is the target audience?

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