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Monday, January 8, 2018

Mastering Hadoop: The How to Guide of a Practical Approach 145$>>>0$

Data Analytics is a core part of any service based company now, more and more companies are pushing distributed computing and analytical processing into mainstream solution offering.
With these current industry requirements and the business need to provide customer intrinsic needs, its important to identify and work on offering solution by understanding customers historical and predictive trends and suggest and offer to him with services which can bond and maintain customer loyalty.

However, earning customer loyalty and understanding the customer behaviour to make business decisions are easier said than done. In todays social world where data collection process is so diverse and possibly extreme in terms of ways and process where and how to collect data is becoming increasingly business as well as technology challenge to collect and process data from all possible channels/media.
 In this course we try to explain using business cases, examples and use cases to identify potential business bottleneck and why traditional data storage and data processing is a challenge with these diverse channels of data and provide an intuitive and interactive guide and how Big Data in general and Hadoop in specific can solve the challenges proposed.
We have been working on Hadoop Big Data based solution offerings for past 9+ years and we provide our experience with a very intuitive flow while explaining the concepts of Hadoop in every video. We understand the challenges in learning a new service platform and have tried to explain every topic with many examples and real life situations to make the learning interesting. Wishing you a great career in Big Data and happy learning...
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is dedicated to students that have a basic prior experience with programming and that want to understand Big Data Analytics and Hadoop. You will see a practical approach with case studies and simple explanations.
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