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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Free udemy course - Story of Digital Banking

In a contemporary Banking era, Digital is a buzzword and Banks have to stay in race for new-gen needs of digital banking which may include Internet, Mobile, Apps, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Block-chain, Cognitive computing etc. This course is a beginners journey for understand the big world of Digital Banking. 
This course gives you examples from banks of 9 different countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil, India.
Many times, Digital Banking or e-banking courses only evolves around front-end changes and fancy names, however this course gives you glimpse of projects from not only front end concepts such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Direct Banking, Various Banking apps,  use of Social Media in Banking, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Chat-bots, Cognitive computing, Block-chain, Big Data, voice Biomatrics etc ; however it also guides on how various back-end modernization programs are done to enable overall goals of digital Banking which includes legacy modernization, Integration, CRM, Document Imaging / OCR etc . This  course also gives examples of new fin-tech companies and non-banks threatening established banks.   
As this course is like a base camp in Mountaineering, this course will make you conversant with all the various concepts used in new age innovation within Banking referred as Digital Banking.
Who is the target audience?
  • Undergraduate student, any employee of a bank, employee in IT companies working BFS sector, anyone working on banking transaction for his organization or simply people who are interested to learn digital banking.
  • Get the course

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