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What you can expect from this course
This course is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who would like to know how they can use YouTube as a means to market their product or service online more effectively. This is a content marketing course and I am going to be sharing some practical advise about how you can create the kind of content that will appeal to your target clients and in turn, build trust, establish your brand as a authority as well as driving warm leads and sales to your business. 
My experience on YouTube
My name is Sam Dey and I have been on YouTube in various capacities for about 5 years. My most notable project on YouTube is my DeyTips YouTube channel where I share tips and strategies to help entrepreneurs to sell their products and services online more effectively. I have managed to generate thousands of subscribers and as of the time I am writing this, the channel is about to hit 1 million overall views. 
Most importantly, my channel has allowed me to create a personal brand online where I have been featured in a number of high authority blogs and magazines including wix, Terapeak and Yell Business to name a few. 
I will be sharing a few things that I have learnt along the way of my journey and also how you can use YouTube as a vehicle to driving more targeted sales to your products and services online more effectively. 
Throughout this course you will learn how to:
  • Target your ideal customer base on YouTube
  • Attract more visitors to your website 
  • Increase your subscriber base on YouTube
  • Get your videos ranked in the YouTube search engine 
  • Create compelling content that your subscribers will want to watch and engage with 
Who is the target audience?
  • Entrepreneurs with a desire to use YouTube as a marketing tool
  • Website owners who would like to use YouTube to generate more traffic
  • Product owners who would like to know how to use their YouTube channel to drive increased sales to their products online
  • Entrepreneurs who offer a service and market it online who would like to understand the fundamentals to driving more clients their way using YouTube marketing

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