How to add Push Notifications in Mobile and websites apps

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Push Notifications are vital feature for mobile apps and websites.

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 As developers we go through some difficulties while adding the push notifications features into apps and websites. We often look for third party SDKs for this matter. But have ever wondered how the push notifications work ? . Then this course is for you.
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How to add Push Notifications in Mobile and websites apps

In this course we will discuss about how to add push notifications feature in iOS and Android mobile applications . The iOS push notification is handled by the Apple push notifications (APN) service and Android Push notifications are delivered by the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). In this course we will take you through different phases of adding push notifications to the mobile apps - detailed explanation and notification payload analysis.
  • Mobile application coding is done in Swift 4 and java.
  • We use Xcode, Android Studio
After completing the mobile section, the next one is for Websites - how to add push notifications in the websites for Chrome , Firefox and Safari browsers.  The lessons include,
  • Firebase Hosting and Functions (NodeJS, JavaScript, HTML)
  • Detailed payload analysis
  • We use Visual studio and Terminal for coding .
If you have any doubts about the course , write to us - [email protected]
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who want to know how to add push notifications in Mobile applications and Websites
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