Kindle Marketing: How to Write a Best Selling Book Blurb | 100% off free udemy course

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Kindle Marketing: How to Write a Best Selling Book Blurb | 100% off free udemy course 

Learn how to write a Bestseller Book Blurb and 10x your sales on Kindle
Do you want to be a bestselling author on Kindle?
Would you like to make passive income so you can work from anywhere in the world and take time off whenever you want?

There is a secret fast track to achieving this that most authors don’t know about. Many writers spend weeks, months, sometimes years toiling away on their book hoping that it will become a best seller.
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Kindle Marketing: How to Write a Best Selling Book Blurb | 100% off free udemy course 

They pour their heart and soul into their manuscript. The savvier authors wisely put a lot of effort into their book cover as well. But when they get to the blurb they draft a quick summary of their book slap it up on Amazon Kindle. And…
No readers. The lucky ones make a handful of sales during launch week only for their book to quickly fade into oblivion buried by the other one million titles on Kindle.
And then there is Kindle Royalty, the authors who consistently make the top 100 list with each new release. They  know the secret.
And now you can too!
The key to becoming a bestselling author is knowing how to write a bestselling book blurb.
Whether you sign up for this course or not I want to give you a tip that will supercharge your sales. Are you ready?
Your blurb is not a book summary. Your blurb is a sales page that should be designed to make readers buy and read your book.
There is a formula to blurb writing that works every time. Hollywood uses this formula to sell movies. The advertising industry uses it to sell…. well everything. Almost all Kindle best sellers use it to sell thousands… sometimes millions of books.
And once I discovered this formula I used it to 10x my Kindle revenue. And now I want to teach it to you!
In this course, I break down the 3 most common bestselling book blurb formulas step by step with examples. Once you master at least one formula you will know how to hook readers with the first line of your blurb so they can’t click off your sales page. Many of them will be so hungry for your book they will one click buy before they even get to the end of your blurb!
Think about how much money you could save in your marketing budget if every time you drove traffic to your Amazon page through an ad or paid list people actually bought your book, and you made a profitinstead of losing money on ads.
That’s the power of the bestselling book blurb formulas.
Imagine how much time and energy you would save if you could take the headache out of blurb writing and just follow a step by step system that works every time.
That too is the power of the bestselling book blurb formulas.

Knowing the bestselling blurb writing formulas is a seductive super power that can super charge your sales, bring you more fans and popularity and grow your platform as an expert.

See what others are saying about  Kindle Marketing: How to Write a Best-Selling Book Blurb...

“Having an engaging, emotion-evoking description is KEY to getting readers to buy your eBook. Without having a description that really draws in readers, your eBook will be destined to fail. Avoid this all-to-common pitfall by taking Jasmine's awesome course! Her extensive experience as a writer shows as she effectively lays out step by step how anyone can learn the art of seductive and persuasive description writing. I highly recommend Jasmine's description course to any authors or publishers who are eager to massively improve their descriptions, attract more readers, and ultimately make more money from their ebooks.”- Karla Marie, 6 Figure Kindle Publisher and Coach

“Jasmine’s course has been a tremendous help to me. Before taking her course, I would sit in front of my computer wasting time trying to figure out how to put together a spectacular description that grabs the reader’s attention. Jasmine’s course gives you step by step instructions and examples to help streamline the description writing process. She is an expert at her craft and was generous enough to offer her course to help others. This course boosted my confidence in description writing and I know that will contribute to highly successful publishing business for me. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to take this course.” -
Vanessa C., Full time Mompreneur

You don’t have to have a Stephen King or J.K Rowling level manuscript to make it to the Bestseller’s List. You just have to know how to make enough readers click the “Buy” button. And it doesn’t have to be hard it can actually be simple and fun!

Find out for yourself. Try this course today! If you don’t like it, return it within 30 days and get a full refund no questions asked. There’s no risk to you.
You’ve got nothing to lose and so many readers to gain. I can’t wait to help you write your own bestselling book blurb and increase your Kindle revenue!

P.S. The price of this course will increase as more students join. So be sure to get your copy today before the price goes up!
Who is the target audience?
  • Kindle Publishers that want to increase revenue
  • Fiction Authors that want to get more readers
  • Non Fiction Authors that want to sell more books and grow their platforms
  • Writers with a manuscript in progress
  • Writers considering writing a book
  • Traditional Publishing Houses looking for more effective marketing methods
  • Copywriters and Marketers who want to get more sales for their author clients

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