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Greetings, friends! Web application development in PHP can be confusing for developers who are using the old procedural approach, but In fact there is nothing complex in OOP. In this course we will consider the theoretical aspects of the object-oriented approach and we learn how to use the acquired knowledge in practice.
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This course consists of 17 lessons in which we will study step by step the OOP basics which, in principle, should be enough for writing applications in object style.
After completing this course, you will understand what object-oriented programming is, what are classes and objects, find out what is the difference between them. You will learn about properties, methods, constants, classes and more.
After completing the course, you can use class inheritance to create a convenient logic for your application.
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The Definitive Guide To Object Oriented Programming in PHP

You can create branching class hierarchies. You will be able to override methods, and thereby expand their functionality. Create abstract classes and understand when to use them.
From the course, you will learn how to use interfaces where required, and not just use interfaces for the sake of what they are. Particular attention in the course is given to the topic of auto-loading classes that will exclude long lists of required classes, when we use require and include. Here you will learn about auto-loading capabilities and learn how to use the Composer package manager. All this and more you will learn from this course about OOP and PHP.
So, let's begin!
All this and more you will learn from the lessons of the proposed OOP course in PHP.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course will be useful for those who have already learned the basics of PHP and have skills in procedural style. If you don’t want to stop and want to continue learning one of the most popular web programming languages, you want to study the object-oriented approach to writing code, this course will be uniquely useful for you.
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