Beginner's Guide to Use WordPress Gutenberg Editor >>> Free udemy course

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100% free udemy course ..... Are you ready? WordPress Gutenberg is scheduled to be launched with WordPress 5.0 in 2018.  It is the major change in editing history that allows you to create content in a manner that closely resembles to the page or post on the front end (page-builder style interface) of your website.
Beginner's Guide to Use WordPress Gutenberg Editor >>> Free udemy course 

Find out how this new standard editor works!
This course contains some must watch videos and includes 5 separate lessons.
The brand-new WordPress Gutenberg Editor is super fun.
You need to be all set now and I’ll show you how!
WordPress Gutenberg Editor is all about the “blocks”.
Please do check out the free preview of the course and I’ll see you inside this cool course!
So, what’s covered?
1.    Introduction to WordPress
2.    What is WordPress Gutenberg
       - Features of WordPress Gutenberg editor
       - Comparison between the current TinyMCE editor and Gutenberg Editor
3.    Why you should use WordPress Gutenberg Editor
4.    How to use Gutenberg Editor to create blog post
       - How to create blocks
       - Gutenberg Headings Blocks
       - Paragraph Blocks
       - Customization of individual block
       - Gutenberg Pull-quote Blocks
       - Duplicating, Moving and Removing Blocks
       - List Formatting

       - Adding Image blocks
       - Featured Images
       - Editing source code
       - Adding videos using Gutenberg YouTube Embed Block
       - ‘More’ Control Options
       - Previewing and Publishing blocks, etc.     
5.    Conclusion
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone using WordPress such as bloggers, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, developers etc.
  • Everyone who wants to earn extra money by learning new skills
  • Get the course 

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