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100% free udemy course ------Welcome to this exciting course on Speaking English Idioms and Learning American Culture! 
Would you like to speak like a native English speaker? Have you heard English sayings that sound confusing or did not make sense and wonder, “What is that person saying?” 
Like many languages, American Culture has unique and sometimes odd sayings that native English speakers use on a daily basis. These sayings are called English idioms.
Hello, my name is Josh and I am a native English Teacher. I personally designed this course to make it easy to learn English so that you can speak English like a natural English speaker and impress your family and friends with your knowledge of American Culture
This course includes:
Speak English Idioms & Learn American Culture | free udemy course 

  • Idiom lectures 
    featuring important idioms with clear explanations
  • English idioms grouped together in categories to help you learn
  • Detailed explanations of each idioms with several examples
  • Useful dialogue so you can use these idioms in conversations.
  • Practice tests to test your comprehension and reinforce your learning
  • Written course materials and PDFs
  • Bonus English Vocabulary lectures 
  • All future course updates
Who is the target audience?
  • Learners of English as a Second Language
  • Desire to learn American culture

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