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Free udemy course........ It was a great pleasure for me to work on this course because sharing with you the many advantages of the real estate  and the magical way they work for the benefit of the investors gave me the feeling that I am giving you something very special and unique. 

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This is namely a point of view that few people have and it will change the way you look at the properties around you.
10 Selected And Powerful Advantages Of The Real Estate


My name is Svetoslav Deltchev and I invest in income generating real estate for the last 12 years. I am convinced in the advantages of the real estate investments and I would like to share my experience with you. 

Have you wondered why some people are literally freaking out (like me) when they’re speaking about the advantages of the real estate and why it is superior to any other investment asset class? 
What makes the real estate so special and unique? 
Why real estate works differently than everything else that we know? 

If any of these questions has occupied to your mind at a certain point of time this course is the right one for you. It will answer all your questions and discover for you all secret weapons of the real estate that smart investors use to get ahead of the general public.   

Who is this course for?

For everybody who is struggling to find additional source of passive income to his/hers current income. It is not easy to find a source of income that will not demand more of your time and energy on regular basis. 
The course is for beginner investors who want to understand how the real estate works and to use this new understanding for themselves. 
The course is designed to be your first step in the area of the real estate investing. It should convince you that the real estate has the potential to deliver on your expectations for good returns, stable investment and long-term protection of your wealth

Do you need any prior knowledge?

No. As mentioned the course is supposed to be your first step on the area of the real estate investing and is at introductory level. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the real estate market or its functionality. The course could be used as the basis on which you will build your further knowledge about the market if I have done my job properly and have convinced you in the many advantages of the real estate. 

In this respect the course is for beginners and people with limited experience with real estate investments. 

This course will be useful for people who are aiming to invest in:
⁃           rental properties - multifamily properties, single family houses etc.
⁃           Fix&flip deals
⁃           Wholesale

What you will NOT find in this course:

  1. Analysis of a real estate deal. I have not touched this topic. It is a topic of its own and out of the scope of this course. 
  2. I will not cover the topic “WHEN is the right time to invest in properties”. I have mentioned in one of the lectures that the availability of stable market patterns on the real estate market is one its advantages but I haven’t gone into details. 
  3. I will not cover the legal due diligence of a real estate transaction
  4. I have not offered real estate investing strategies
  5. I have not discussed the topic about the financing of the property transaction
  6. I have not covered the topic how to select the best property for our investment.

The course is FOCUSED on the way the real estate works and its advantages!

You will learn:

  •    Why and how the real estate protect your wealth from the inflation
  •    What differentiate the real estate market from every other investment market
  •    What is the advantage for the real estate market coming from the lack of any trade automation
  •    Why the real estate is so predictable market and how you could take advantage of it
  •    How the market reacts to changes in the environment and what does it mean for you
  •   What makes the banks to love real estate and why this is substantial difference with the other asset classes
  •    Why the real estate has the capacity to make you financially free
  •    What does “velocity” of the money means and how it plays a role in your real estate investment
  •    Why significant portion of the banks’ balance sheets consists of real estate transactions 
  •    The 3 main tax advantages of the real estate investments
  •    Why you could control and increase the market value of your property 
  •   What is the evidence that even the insurance companies consider the real estate more stable than any other asset class
  •   The difference between the earned income and the income from real estate and why it matters for your grandchildren 
  •    The 4 indisputable advantages of the leverage that work in your favour as real estate investor
  •    Why and how you could turn the game around and make the “system” work for you and not against you

Frequently asked questions

1.         Is this information relevant for my market?
         - I share with you the fundamental way how real estate works. It is the same all over the world. The same principles apply everywhere. 

2.         Can I use these advantages of the real estate for my future investment career?
         - Of course. They work for everybody. Please note that the course alone is not enough and you will have to do your homework first. On this market this often means you must see and analyse enough properties on the market in order to choose the right one for you. Real estate investing is not a home office job. 

3.         What if I can’t apply everything from the very beginning?
         - Nobody is perfect at the beginning. Actually you don’t need to be perfect at all. You just need to do it. Real estate is very good investment class and it is forgiving. You should simply do the first step.

4.         Why this course is right for me?
         - If you like real estate and speculate with the idea to invest some day in this investment asset class, this course will be useful for you. It will shift the way how you look at properties as a whole. This will help you a lot in your future investment career. 

5.         Why I should trust you? 
         - You shouldn't. I am not expecting you to be my follower. Use your own judgement and decide if the shared information makes sense to you or not. I guarantee it will be very helpful for you. I am investing in residential real estate for more than 12 years. I have experienced personally the advantages that I describe in the course. When you go through the course you will see that all my arguments are so logical that even if you don’t trust me at the beginning you will agree with me that they are valid and applicable. 

I wish you successful investing and don’t forget that there is no risk enrolling in this course. You have a 30 days money back guaranty. 

See you inside the course!
Svetoslav Deltchev

Who this course is for:
  • Potential investor who want to explore the many advantages of the real estate as investment asset class
  • People who want to find a way to create a passive income stream for themselves
  • Everybody who has ever wondered why many claim that the real estate is the best investment asset class
  • Get the course

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