Executive Functioning Skills and Habits for Adults and Kids..udemy 100% free course

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Free udemy course......... Executive Functioning Skills are the cognitive strengths that build habits and help us manage our lives in order to be successful. Children with weak executive functioning skills, despite their best intentions, often do poorly in school. They do their homework but forget to turn it in, wait until the last minute to start a project, lose things, or have a room that looks like a dump! The good news is that parents can do a lot to support and model many effective Success Habits taught in this course for their children (for themselves!). 

Personal Development
Executive Functioning Skills and Habits for Adults and Kids

In this course you will Learn: 
  • What are Executive Functioning (EF) Skills?
  • What does Strong EF look like?
  • What does Weak EF look like? 
  • What is the # 1 Habit for Learning Success? 
  • How to become more Organised
  • How to create and use Checklists
  • How to create an ideal Study Zone
  • How to use folders to improve Organization 
  • How to Archive Papers and 3D objects effectively
  • How to maintain a neat environment and stay organization

Who this course is for:
  • Parents who want to help their children succeed in school
  • Parents who want to be a positive role model for their child
  • Parents that seek improvement in their own ability to learn and increase executive functioning skills
  • Adults who have a hard time learning and following through
  • Adults who want to become more efficient and productive at work
  • Get the course

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