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Free udemy course....... This Google Docs course will teach you everything you need to know about using Google Docs, a free online word processing platform.

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Getting Started With Google Docs

This course is designed to teach anyone from beginner to expert all of the features, tips and tricks, and possibilities that Google Docs gives you. Whether you want a simple place to type your thoughts or a platform to write a book, Google Docs has a solution for you. Beyond word processing, Google Docs is a fanatic tool that can be used to create and edit images, infographics, comics, and much more!
Getting Started with Google Docs will make you an expert Google Docs user in no time. In simple, easy to follow video lessons, you will learn how to master Google Docs and use it like a pro. While there are plenty of word processing platforms out there, Google Docs is the most powerful and versatile one out there.
Some of the things you will learn in this course:
  • How to convert existing Word files to Google Docs
  • Share your Docs with the world or just a few select few
  • Convert your Google Doc to multiple different file formats for offline viewing
  • Create, modify, and use tables, charts, drawings, and more
Course Overview
This course is designed to take someone brand new to Google Docs and turn them into an expert. Even if you have prior experience in Google Docs, this course will teach you new things that you haven't done before.
We will begin by doing basic word processing and looking at how to use the various menu options. Then, we learn how to insert drawings, charts, images, and more into your Google Doc. We will even learn how to do some basic image editing inside of Google Docs.
From there, we will learn how to use and format tables, text, headings, links, fonts, and much more. After that we will learn how to export a Google Doc into Word, PDF, eBook, and many other formats. Finally we will learn how to share our doc with other users. 
By the end of this course your confidence in using Google Docs will soar. You will find yourself using Google Docs for all of your word processing needs. You can use Google Docs on a computer, tablet, or phone and instantly have it sync with other devices. You'll have a thorough understanding for Google Docs, its uses, and capabilities. 
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create things with Google Docs
  • Get the course

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