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Free udemy course......... As a front-end developer you have to do many time-consuming tasks. 

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GRUNT js: Automate web development tasks and save your time

Grunt is a task runner automating the web development tasks, it will save you a lot of precious time. 
As always time = money. Save your time by learning Grunt. 
Sample tasks that are going to be executed for you by Grunt: 
  • compressing of CSS and JS files -> making files smaller means that your website will load faster
  • merging CSS and JS files -> you can maintain many JS/CSS files and at the end use only one. This is decreasing the number of required requests (which also improves the website's loading speed)
  • optimizing your images -> reducing their file sizes without affecting quality
  • automatically adding vendor prefixes -> you won't need to worry about vendor prefixes anymore. Grunt gives you a perfect solution with no performance hit and nothing new to learn.
  • finding Javascript bugs almost instantly -> bugs in JS are the hardest to spot. With JShint one of the Grunt plugins you can forget about this problem.
  • and many more -> there are over 4,000 plugins available

After my course you will know everything I mentioned above! 
Set it once and enjoy your saved time! Build your websites faster and avoid repetitive work. 
What's more, you will also know how to: 
  • install Grunt.js/npm/Node.js
  • properly configure and install plugins
  • run tasks concurrently which will drastically improve the needed time for execution of task
I give you 100% satisfaction - if you do not like my course you can request a full refund up to 30 days. Remember that if you have any questions regarding topics covered in the course please feel free to askI'm always happy to help! 
  • Over 100,000 people from around the world enrolled in my courses
  Please check free lessons before buying! See for yourself the great quality of the course and enjoy it! 
Who this course is for:
  • This Grunt.js course is meant for people who are familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript. No prior knowledge about Grunt.js/Node.js/npm is needed. Everything is described from the beginning.
  • Get the course

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