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Free udemy course......... Ansible is set to be the standard in the world of IT Infrastrcuture Management. It's a rare combination of simplicity meeting sophistication. Its core principle being simple is reflected in all its design choices such as agentless setup, small footprint, push model, YAML as a language to define infrastructure state etc. Its easy to setup, easy to write code with, easy to extend while writing custom modules. At the same time it offers everything a IT Systems, Networks or a Oprations/Devops person needs.

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Just enough Ansible to be dangerous

This course is been designed the get you started with Ansible quickly, and understand its key feature while learning by practice. By the end of this course you should be familiar with the ansible fundamentals and be comfortable at the least running ansible  playbooks with a little customisation.
Who this course is for:
  • A Systems Administrator who manages machines at scale
  • A Devops Engineer who would like to automate configurations and application deployments
  • A Sysops/Operations Engineer who would like to automate application installation and configurations
  • A Developer who would like to automate application deployments and the one who follows "You build it you run it ! " philosophy
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